Have A Conscious Awakening First

(And Then Grow That “One Taste”)

Tired of being on the “Hamster Wheel” of spiritual seeking?

Are you exhausted yet?  Tired of being forever “almost there”?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Some seekers never tire of being forever “almost there” in their quest for an authentic spiritual awakening.  They enjoy chasing rainbows.  And that’s absolutely fine… but that’s not what goes on here.

Here, you get an “experiential assist” into Oneness… (much more on this in my Free eBook)

That means we take each and every experiential step together, followed by the next, and the next on the path to having a Conscious Awakening. And when you drift off course a bit, together we get you back on the experiential path we are walking.

We joyfully walk, experientially, to the place of being Oneness as what you always already are.

And then you have that “One Taste.” And that taste of Oneness is now a reference point you can return to again and again. And over time it can become a way of experiencing in which you abide.

So I’ll ask you, “Is there is a yearning within you for an authentic experiencing of non-dual consciousness…Oneness?”

If your answer is, “yes,” then I’d be happy to take that joyful journey with you.

What makes this process different?

“I always only see my students as the Oneness that they always already are. I don’t indulge the illusion of the false self at all. Why would I? It’s entirely false.

Thus, I’m only ever talking to Oneness, which is probably why it’s so much easier for these seekers to wake up.”

~ Gary Crowley

What makes this process different?

This process is different because I understand that the spiritual seeker does not need more answers. What the spiritual seeker desperately needs is the right questions.

It is the right questions that unlock this process of un-knowing called “awakening.” The right questions drive the seeker into experiencing all these wonderful concepts they’ve only ever been able to think about.

I know my task is to get you experiencing Oneness, not to do more thinking about Oneness. It no longer serves you to just think and talk about Oneness. You need to actually experience your Self as Oneness.

Rest assured, an experiencing as Oneness, as Enlightenment, is readily available to virtually anyone…and the purpose of this website is to assist in providing that experiencing to those that are so inclined.

If you are open to honestly examining and “un-knowing” what you have previously assumed to be true…then the hard work is already done.

Whatever has given rise to this willingness to “un-know”… has done it’s job…and now you can just enjoy the ride…

My sole purpose is get you off the spiritual hamster wheel of being perpetually “almost there” and give you an actual experiencing of non-dual consciousness, Oneness.

What’s the catch?

The catch is that there are only two simple questions for the spiritual seeker to answer:

1. Is there a willingness to see through your imagined self… your false self… in order to have an experiencing as the Oneness, the non-dual consciousness, that you always already are?

2. Are you open to realizing how much “blissfully less ” and “magnificently more” you actually are in each present moment?

If you answered “Yes” to BOTH questions…then I’d be happy to gently guide you through that simple, but precise, process.

“No matter how big the obstacles on your spiritual path may seem, they are all based in the illusion of the false self. Once you experientially recognize the false self as the illusion it is, all that remains is noticing that you were Oneness all along.”

~ Gary Crowley

The mind has this tendency to overcomplicate things. Gary helped me in his humorous and wise way to see that the most fundamental things in life are utterly simple: The character is fictional, and there is only Oneness. Period.

No Nielsen


….Talking to Gary seemed to bring about a realization that “This is it!”. That everything is oneness, and that there is nothing else.

After this short conversation we had there is no doubt that everything is One, and that there is nothing missing, thus nothing to seek.

Johny Z.


Gary conducted a very concise inquiry which lead me into ONENESS! It just can’t get any better than THAT!

ONENESS arrived in this very relaxed and enjoyable meetup.

Greg C.

Florida, USA

I don’t have much to do during Gary’s sessions, so I just hang out and enjoy the view.
Monkey Mind

Unravel the 2500 year mystery

My teacher directed self-inquiry allows you to actually go on the ride experientially AS Oneness, not just think and talk about the Oneness.

Does it work for absolutely everyone?  Nope…it does not.

But my style of one-on-one directed self-inquiry has a very high success rate and is the most reliable and predictable way I know of to bring you to an experiencing AS Oneness. The odds of you having a conscious awakening during our private session are very high.

It’s a delicate and precise process, but also an enjoyable one.

Your experiencing as Oneness will most likely not be a permanent state (you could be the rare exception!), but you will have had the “One Taste” (the taste of  Oneness) that can absolutely be built upon to become a regular and even permanent state of being.

Most spiritual seekers go their entire lives never experiencing the taste of Oneness. 

Without the “One Taste” reference point, the seeker is like an arctic explorer unknowingly already at the North Pole, and yet still seeking the North Pole.  Every step they take inevitably takes them further from where they want to be.

You are already Oneness… there is only ever it’s recognition.  All we have to do is help you to notice it.

“Once you have an experiential reference point for Oneness…spiritual awareness grows at magnitudes that seemed impossible only moments before.”

~ Gary Crowley

Where to start your journey

Start with my free ebook, Why Most Non-Dual Spiritual Seeking Fails. At about 20 pages in length, it’s a quick and enjoyable read. It will help you avoid the main pitfalls most seekers unwittingly fall into. You’ll also get the one “open secret” about how to rapidly progress in your spiritual seeking.

Conscious Awakening is available to everyone. You just need someone who can help you notice the Oneness you already are. I recommend you read this free ebook and grasp the simplicity of this spiritual journey. Click on the button to get the free ebook, ‘Why Most Spiritual Seeking Fails’ and subscribe to the One Taste Newsletter

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