The Tasting Oneness Project:

Private Sessions with Gary Crowley

Actively experiencing that you are already Oneness … changes everything about the way you go about abiding as Oneness.

~ Gary Crowley

Our sessions together are a pleasant and enjoyable process where we deal precisely with what you uniquely bring as a seeker. Together, we experientially guide you to actively see through the false self and experience yourself as Oneness.

My teacher directed one-on-one self-inquiry sessions can open you up to the “One Taste” (a Non-dual Conscious Awakening) that many spiritual seekers go their entire lives without ever experiencing. With that “One Taste” there will then be an experiencing upon which a heightened and deeper awareness of your true nature can naturally grow.

All new students are required to have an initial “Tasting Oneness” Session before scheduling any “Continuing As Oneness” sessions.

I do all my sessions via Zoom ( video conferencing.


The hour-long online session I had with Gary this morning is difficult to put into words. Here’s the best I’ve come up with: He was direct and funny and our meeting had the intimate sense of being in the same room together. He recognized my perspective and reflected it with humor and clarity. He shone light on the habitual lens I look through and then walked through a few very simple exercises offering a nudge towards a slight shift of perspective. Though barely perceptible, this slight reorientation has recast everything without anything changing.

Les V


My recent “awakening” session with Gary was particularly useful in that I was able to more thoroughly see the nature of the illusory, more accurately fictional, “Don”.

In addition, Gary suggested I thoroughly investigate the “Don” story regularly to unravel this construct quickly.

I very highly recommend a session with Gary in order to gain this clarity for yourself.

Don W.

New York, USA

Session 1:

Tasting Oneness

$250 90 Minutes

Your first session comes with an “End of Session Money Back Guarantee.”
If you are not satisfied with the work we’ve done at the end of your first session, I’ll refund your payment and we’ll part as friends.

If your spiritual journey has finally lead you to this website then I’m certain you don’t need any more spiritual concepts. You don’t need any more information.

You just need a new, precise presentation.

So, we’ll “pop the top” on your false self and expose it for what it is…a “sense of a self,” but not your actual Self.

Together we’ll change your entire experiencing as a spiritual seeker. And you’ll then have a reference point for Oneness that you can grow by returning to again and again.

After consciously dropping into experiencing as the Oneness you always already are things will never be the same.

Session 2:

Continuing as Oneness

$125 60 Minutes
“Continuing As Oneness” sessions are only available to those who have already had a “Tasting Oneness” session.

These sessions clarify, deepen, and stabilize, your experiencing as Oneness.

These live direct inquiry teaching sessions are aimed precisely at what uniquely arises in the present moment with each individual seeker. The sessions are for post-awakening clients interested in continued clarity. 

It’s a true joy for me to see the rapid and continued growth of those who continue on with these direct inquiry sessions.

I look forward to our continuing work together!

Combo Package 1:

Tasting Oneness + 2 Continuing as Oneness

$400 1 × 90 Minutes + 2 × 60 Minutes

This is a combo package of the “Tasting Oneness” and two “Continuing as Oneness” sessions.

$500 value when purchased separately. You save $100 by purchasing them together.

Combo Package 2:

Continuing as Oneness (3-Pack)

$300 60 Minutes each
“Continuing As Oneness” sessions are only available to those who have already had a “Tasting Oneness” session.

This is a combo package consisting of three “Continuing as Oneness” sessions.

$375 value when purchased separately. You save $75 by purchasing them together.

Gary on a Zoom call

With Zoom Video Conferencing Gary is able to have sessions with students from all over the world.  You’ll be emailed a private Zoom link a few minutes before your scheduled session time and you just click on it. It’s that simple!  

Gary is old enough to still consider this technology a minor miracle, and is thankful for it everyday.

As a spiritual teacher, my sessions are very pleasant, even humorous at times. But make no mistake, I view the care, guidance, and protection of my students as the most sacred of duties.

~ Gary Crowley