A finger points at the moon, but the moon is not at the tip of the finger. Words point at the truth, but the truth is not in words.

Huineng, 680 A.D.


Thank you for your interest in private sessions.

All of my sessions are private one-on-one directed self-inquiry sessions. I do things this way because it is the most reliable way I know of to shift the spiritual seeker into a non-dual experiencing of Oneness.

The approach is ancient, but not common. It is simple, but also very precise. The principles are universal, but each seeker arrives at experiencing the Oneness, that they always already are, in their own unique way.

And while what we do together can work with anyone, regardless of their time on the spiritual path, it’s nice to have us both on the same page when we meet. That’s why I prefer that you go through a few minor steps before we meet.

Step 1

Read the free eBook “Why Most Non-Dual Spiritual Seeking Fails”

I’m a guide. I know the place you are seeking, and I know how to guide you there if you will let me. So, it helps you a bit to know a little about the journey we will take together.

So, read the twenty page, free eBook – “Why Most Non-Dual Spiritual Seeking Fails,” and see if what I say about an “experiential assist” resonates with you.

All of the private sessions that I give are based in either you experiencing a conscious awakening as Oneness (non-separate consciousness) for the first time, or the deepening and stabilizing of that “One Taste” for you if you’ve previously had the experiencing.

The book does it’s best to make clear why the seeker does not need more concepts, and does not need any more answers. What the seeker needs is the right questions.

It is only the right questions that will drive the seeker out of their concepts of “Oneness” and into the actual experiencing AS Oneness.

So, it’s nice for you to know before our session that it won’t be about acquiring more concepts. Our session will be about experiencing Oneness, not thinking about Oneness.

Step 2

Join the Waiting List

You join the waiting list by providing your name and email on the Waiting List form.

I will also ask you on the form if you have read the free ebook, “Why Most Non-Dual Spiritual Seeking Fails.”

When sessions slots open up I will email you a link where you can purchase a session. All of my students are required to have a 90 minute, “Tasting Oneness” session first.

Once I receive notification from PayPal that you have purchased a session, I will email you to set up a time.

Step 3

Experience the “One Taste” and then grow that “One Taste”

After your first session you are a “Continuing Student”, so you do not need to get on the waiting list for additional sessions. You’ll be able to purchase sessions whenever you desire and we’ll schedule a session time after I receive notification of your payment from PayPal.

The “Continuing As Oneness” sessions are intended to grow that “One Taste” as Oneness into a more stable experiencing in your everyday life, and then into an abiding experiencing as Oneness as your natural way of being.